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Math & Science
Michigan Math & Science Centers Network
Battle Creek Science Kits

Social Studies
Video Game about Michigan Courts
Press Release on the Mich. Courts Video Game
Trade Books for Children - Related to Soc. Studies
Lesson on Diversity, Patriotism, Freedom, and the Star Spangled Banner
Parenting Activities
Battle of Bennington
US Holocaust Museum
Holocaust Learning Center
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Library of Congress - LIVE

Soc. Studies History Themes Project

Language Arts
Leah Zuidema on Technical Writing
A Child Becomes a Reader
Elementary Language Arts Content Expectations
High School Language Arts Content Expectations

School Improvement
Highly Qualified Criteria
Education YES!
Title I

General Education
Free Educational Resources
Free Education Clip Art
SVSU Math - Science Center
Educator's Reference Desk
EduScapes for Life Long Learners

Martindale Reference Center
Biopoint Technology Workshops
Discovery Education Streaming

Elementary Education
Enchanted Learning
Flashcard Exchange

Secondary Education
Teacher's Net Lesson Plans

Website Tools
BlackBoard- Create your own classroom website
PBWorks- Create your own classroom website
Webpage Tools– wide variety of cool tools for a web page
Convert PDF to Word Docs.use this free tool to change any PDF document into a Word document
Google Images– search for and find a wide variety of web graphics
(remember to respect copyrights)
Cool Text– create custom logos and buttons
Photo Vault

News, Search, & Gov. Links

Michigan's E-Library– gateway to selected Internet resources, hundreds of full-text magazines and newspapers and over 10,000 electronic books
Class Brain– Research many subject areas
Everything Michigan

Bartleby's Ready Reference Page All the classic references
Calculators On-Line Center– Martindale's Reference Desk
Ask An Expert
e-mail addresses to contact experts in just about any field of study
World Factbook– basic geographical info on the world's countries
Animal Diversity Web– Everything you need to study the Animal Kingdom
GeoHive Global Stats– geopolitical data, statistics on the human population, Earth and more
How Stuff Works– all purpose science information
Year by Year
Major events of every year, timelines, and more
Roget's Thesaurus
Web Reference Desk

Colleges and Universities