• Vision Statement
  • To accomplish our mission Gladwin Community Schools will function as a professional learning community by following our Curriculum QUESTions Vision. QUESTions are a K-12 initiative designed to facilitate systematic change in the way we educate our children. The process is an extension of the work on professional learning communities by Richard Dufour, and focuses on answering five curriculum questions:

    What do we teach? First and foremost our curriculum must be aligned with state standards. Teachers must be given the time and guidance to become intimately aware of the content expectations. This continues to be done through professional development within the district and through the RESD.

    When do we teach? Through the development of pacing guides, our teachers have articulated a focused plan of instruction that will ensure that all objectives are taught at the appropriate grade level. Pacing guides are adjusted according to student need by analyzing state assessment results and local assessment results.

    How will we know if the students have learned? Each core content area at each grade level administers local assessments at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.  These assessments test the specific content expectations outlined in the pacing guides. Test results are analyzed at the building level and instructional adjustments are made by teachers, instructional coach, and administrator.  Progress monitoring occurs throughout the school year to ensure adequate growth.

    How do we teach? As local assessments identify weaknesses in our instructional methods, the school has responded with direct and focused professional development.

    What will we do with those students who have not learned? Following the pyramid of intervention model, teachers and administrators are working collaboratively to institute interventions for those students who do not meet the standard performance level on the local assessments.