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    Please visit Principal's Corner for how to access our distance learning either online or through packets. 


    Closure FAQs 

    When can my student(s) clean out their lockers? 

    With the stay-at-home order and social distancing requirements, locker cleanouts will be done at a later date. In the case of an emergency, please contact Mrs. Brown. Other than items needed for essential living, nothing in the lockers are worth getting sick over. Distance learning will have everything needed with the lessons/activities. Students and parents will be notified when they are able to access the lockers. Custodians will not clean lockers out prior to students being able to access them.

    How will students be graded on their classes prior to the closure?

    Students will be earning credit/no credit on their classes rather than grades in order to be the most fair concerning GPAs. Hence, grades for second semester will not affect GPAs and effectively freezes them for the remainder of the year. The cumulative GPA your student had at the end of this year's first semester is the GPA they will start with in the fall. For seniors, their graduating GPA is their cumulative GPA they had at the end of this year's first semester.


    Is the new distance learning required?

    No, it is not. None of the lessons/activities that will be available either online or in packets are required, graded, or need to be turned in. The purpose of the distance learning is to help bridge the gap between now and when we are able to return to school.


    SPARKS is available at Gladwin High School again! SPARKS is available after school for tutoring, credit recovery, and for enrichment activities. If you're interested in signing your student up, contact the high school (426-7341).


    Gladwin High School has hygiene products and clothing free for any GHS student. If this is an area of need for your student, contact Mrs. Freds, Mrs. Brown, or any staff member to help you out.

    The Visual Arts classes are participating in Labels for Education from the Campbell's Company. Please help us turn TRASH to TREA$URE and save your labels on eligible products.

    Click for: Eligible Products and Point Collection Sheets(1 pt. & 5 pts.)