• Parents/Athletes
    Go Flying G's
  • Prior to the Athletes’ first contest they must have the following:

     1. Physical

    2. Insurance Payment of $5.00

    3. Pay to Participate Fee.

             a. High School Students $75.00

             b. Middle School Students $25.00


    Without all three of these completed athletes will not be allowed to participate in their first Gladwin Athletic contest. In addition to these three items a student must be academically eligible based on the MIAA and Gladwin Athletics requirements. Please see below for further explanations.  

    Insurance Fee
    The insurance covers the difference between the school insurance maximum and the MHSAA minimum catastrophic insurance, so that athletes are covered for any potential injury.

    This is supplemental insurance, which pays after your primary insurance has paid. If you have insurance, you must submit to them first.  Once you have determined what your primary insurance company will pay, you can submit any remaining costs to this supplemental policy. If you do not have insurance, this three-way insurance plan (School insurance, Supplemental insurance, and MHSAA catastrophic insurance) covers any athlete who is hurt during practice, during an athletic contest, or in the school bus transporting to and from our school's sanctioned sporting event.

    The insurance fee is required for all athletes.  It is to be paid when the physical is turned in, prior to the athlete trying-out or practicing.  The fee is only paid ONCE per school year, regardless of how many seasons an athlete participates  
    Pay to Participate Fee
    The cost for Pay to Participate is as follows:
             a. High School Students $75.00
             b. Middle School Students $25.00
    Pay to Participate fees do not cover the cost of our sports.  The purpose of the fee is to help the Board of Education continue to provide a full athletic program of offerings for all interested students.  The money reduces the amount that the Board of Education has to pay to fund the team, but is not close to covering the total cost. The monies collected for Pay to Participate help the Board of Education pay for coaching salaries, facility usage and maintenance, transportation, equipment, uniforms, officials and so much more.


    Paying a Pay to Participate fee allows an athlete to have an opportunity to participate on a Gladwin athletic team while playing time is not guaranteed.  With that opportunity, the athlete will be able to benefit from the instruction and practice time necessary to become a more skilled athlete as well as character-building processes that develop when one is a part of an athletic team.  They will have the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable coaches and be mentored by them, as positive adult role-models while being on a Gladwin Athletic Team.  
    It is our goal that no student be denied the opportunity to participate on an athletic team because they lack the financial resources.  We have a limited number of athletic scholarships available for students who cannot pay the entire Pay to Participate fees.  If your child cannot pay the Pay to Participate fee, please contact the Athletic Office to make arrangements.   
    If you would like to assist an athlete who cannot afford the Pay to Participate fees, please contact the Athletic Office to make a scholarship donation. 

    A current physical signed by a licensed doctor, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner is required by the Michigan High School Athletic Association.   No athlete may try-out, practice, or compete without it.   A current year physical is one given on or after April 15th.

    All potential athletes are highly encouraged to get their physicals completed prior to the beginning of the fall sports season. Athletes may contact their own physician's office to obtain their physical whenever it is convenient.  Every summer, the Spring Street Family Practice holds special times to give athletic physicals, and gives them at a reduced price.  Watch for those dates in the Gladwin Record, look for the sign in front of their clinic, or check back on this website for the information. 

    If an athlete pays for two sports during a school year, the third sport is FREE. In addition no family should have to pay over $150 per sport season, for their children to participate in athletics. Please make the Athletic Department aware of this if your family may fall into this category. 

    Academic Eligibility Requirements

    In order to compete as a member of a Gladwin Flying G athletic team any and all participants must be academically eligible in BOTH of the following ways:

    a. Must have passed a minimum of four classes* at the end of the last previous semester. Therefore, the grades at the end of one year, carry over to fall and the beginning of winter sports the next year. The grades at the semester ending in January, carry through the rest of the winter season, and almost all of the spring season. It is critically important that an athlete make sure that they are passing at least 4 classes at all times. These classes must be held at the High School, or be classes that the High School gives full credit for.

    b. An athlete must be currently passing a minimum of 4 classes*. These classes must be held at the High School, or be classes that the High School gives full credit for. Eligibility is run once a week. If it is found that an athlete is not eligible (not currently passing 4 classes) they will be ineligible to compete from the following Monday through Sunday.

    *IT does NOT count as one of the four classes that must be passed.