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    Since its beginning in 1972, the Gladwin Athletic Association (GAA) has given every penny that it has made to benefit Gladwin Athletics. Prior to 1972, the group was known as the Gladwin Sports Boosters Club. Detailed records are kept. The school has always been included in decisions, making recommendations as to the needs and priorities. The Executive Board votes as to how money is spent, and what projects will be undertaken, considering recommendations from the Athletic Director.

    Past and Present ...

    The Gladwin Athletic Association has been extremely active in our community for the past 41 years. Made up primarily of parents and other community people, the GAA has been responsible for building athletic facilities, buying athletic equipment, and even funding the entire athletic program at a time when the Board of Education was not able to do so. 

    In the past, the GAA has completely restructured seating at the football field, built press boxes at the football field, baseball and softball fields, and assisted with the one at the track. The have built a new concession stand for football. The GAA was responsible for building our first track, and then again responsible for, years later, putting in our new, gorgeous track facility. They have put in new lights at the football field, a new PA system in the High School gymnasium, helped purchase and refurbish wrestling mats, and contributed $32,000 in money, plus time and effort in building the new softball field at the High School instead of the softball team practicing and playing their home games at the old Little League Complex across town. They have purchased phone systems for football, a video camera, and helped with a computer program for track and purchased the software and licensing for the Bigger-Faster-Stronger Program. More recently, they have helped purchase uniforms and equipment, when the athletic department had no funds, and maintained the softball field.   In recent years, the GAA has funded freshmen sports, so that we could continue to have our programs in football, boys and girls basketball, and volleyball.

    The last project that our GAA has taken on, was building a fieldhouse at the football field, so that home and visiting teams would have a place to meet pre-game and at half-time, and a place to get out of bad weather, should there be any danger.   There is also a room for the officials.   In addition, the new field house has two new ticket booths and the much needed bathrooms for all of our loyal fans. 

    Since the organization started, the GAA has contributed nearly a million dollars to the Gladwin Athletic Program.

    New Members for GAA are always needed.

    Parents, community members, coaches, and staff are invited to become members of GAA.    Meetings are held at 7 pm in the High School on the first Monday of the month. There you will find more information about GAA projects and activities.  Also at the meetings, are updated and detailed financial records.

    What the future holds ...

    Though much of the future is unknown, we do know of numerous projects that need to be done. It is likely that GAA will be taking a major role in helping us complete projects.

    The next building project will be to construct a multi-use building for multi-facilities.   Near the end of the track, we will construct a building that will have some storage.  In addition, it will have a concession stand for track, soccer, softball, and baseball games.  There will also be bathrooms for all four venues.

    Our track needs to be resurfaced, as part of a regular maintenance program.

    New equipment is needed for the concessions' stands,

    Scoreboards and their control panels, need to be repaired.

    New speakers are needed at the new soccer complex.

    Parent Reps (Representative) Responsibilities

    Volunteers needed

    The massive successes and accomplishments of the Gladwin Athletic Association are a result of one thing ... volunteers.  Some community members unselfishly commit to massive amounts of time, to help GAA help the Gladwin Athletic Program. Others commit a few hours in one of the concession stands. Some help build things, some find people to make contributions, some do leg work, and some sell tickets.  The list goes on and on.  The bottom line is that great things happen if many of us are willing to give a little of our time or efforts to help the organization. Volunteers are always needed, and every effort made is greatly appreciated.

    The most consistent source of funding for the GAA is their running of the concession stands at almost all events.  The concession stands can only work, if they are manned sufficiently to make sure that people get a good product, and quick service.   GAA prides themselves on both.  

    We ask that every parent commit to at least 3 hours of work in the concession stand, or at one of the tables during contests.   We never ask parents to work, when their own child's team is participating. 

    Each year, the concession stands are inspected by the Health Department, and they always pass that inspection..  

    Please join us.   We are all busy with work and family.   This however, is a once in a lifetime, to be a part of our child's athletic experience.   Those parents who have come before us, have provided much equipment and the facilites so that our children can benefit.   It is up to us to maintain and continue to help, for our kids, and those that will follow.