• High School
    Principal Elizabeth Brown
  • 1400 N. Spring Street     |     Gladwin, MI  48624     |     (989) 426-7341 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!
    Go to the Principal's Corner for information on registration and Gladwin sports!

    G.H.S. Daily Schedule

    1st Hour 8:25-9:16
    2nd Hour 9:21-10:17
    3rd Hour 10:22-11:13
    Lunch 11:13-11:48
    4th Hour 11:53-12:44
    5th Hour 12:49-1:40
    6th Hour 1:45- 2:36
    7th Hour (IT) 2:41- 3:21

    Need extra help? 

    Academic Center is available in Room 111 before school and during IT. National Honor Society students are available for tutoring. Students are welcome just to stop in before school or sign up for IT.

    SPARKS is now available at Gladwin High School again! SPARKS is available after school for tutoring, credit recovery, and for enrichment activities. If you're interested in signing your student up, contact the high school (426-7341).

    Gladwin High School has hygiene products and clothing free for any GHS student. If this is an area of need for your student, contact Mrs. Freds, Mrs. Brown, or any staff member to help you out.

    The Visual Arts classes are participating in Labels for Education from the Campbell's Company. Please help us turn TRASH to TREA$URE and save your labels on eligible products.

    Click for: Eligible Products and Point Collection Sheets(1 pt. & 5 pts.)