• Gladwin Alternative Education (C.O.O.L. School)
  • 3982 W. M-61  |  Gladwin, MI 48624  |  (989) 426-1891


    If you are interested in signing up for the Alternative Education, call Gladwin High School at 426-7341.

    A C.O.O.L. School: Caring Outlook On Learning
    Gladwin Alternative Education is a high school in an alternate setting, designed for those students who, for various reasons, do not do well at a traditional high school. It includes students who:

    1. Need more one-on-one instruction
    2. Have difficulty learning in a large classroom
    3. Need to recover credit
    4. Need a fresh start
    5. Need a smaller setting


    Gladwin Alternative Education has a total of 24 students during a semester. Every semester openings occur, but it is determinate upon how many students have returned. Due to the smaller class sizes, the staff have the time and ability to focus on each student individually. In addition, the staff have the added time to discuss student issues with parents on a more frequent basis. 

    Due to the 4x4 block schedule (four 90 minute classes each marking period), students can earn up to 8 credits at Gladwin Alternative Education, rather than the 6.25 at Gladwin High School. Students who are behind in credits may earn their credits back and graduate on time, if they apply early enough in their high school career. 

    Our teacher instructs classes based on her Highly Qualified areas.  The other classes on done online with our credit recovery system, called PLATO.  The teacher is able to assist students while they are working on their online classes.  Students receive a high quality education that is aligned with the state’s standards and benchmarks. Our graduating students receive a high school diploma from Gladwin Community Schools and participate in the Gladwin High School graduation ceremony.

    Gladwin Alternative Education falls under the umbrella of Gladwin High School. The same handbook as Gladwin High School is followed. That includes all rules and school policies. In addition, the Gladwin High School administration is the same as the COOL School.

    COOL School students ride their regular bus to school and transfer to another school bus at the Junior High which brings them directly to the school. At the end of the day, a school bus takes them back into town where students ride their regular bus back home. For students that drive, the school is a closed campus. Once the student arrives, they are not allowed to leave until the end of the school day. Students are not permitted to leave to get lunch.

    If interested, please contact Assistant Principal Jason Robinson, or Principal Elizabeth Brown, at (989) 426-7341.  There are limited spaces available.