• Sports
  • The sports that we offer at GLADWIN HIGH SCHOOL are listed below.

    Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track and Field do have Junior High programs, also.   Their information is also included in the specific sport section.

    Gladwin Coaching Staff
    Shad Fish Varsity Head Coach
    Dylan DeBoever Varsity  
    Eric Morgan Varsity  
     Justin Cherry Junior Varsity  
    Boys' Cross Country    
    Josh Christensen Varsity Head Coach
    Sara Christensen Junior High  
    Girls' Cross Country    
    Josh Christensen Varsity Head Coach
    Selena Volmering Junior High  
    Boys' Soccer    
    Jerome Smalley Varsity Head Coach
    Tony Wetmore Varsity Head Coach
    Jane Wetmore Junior Varsity  
    Stephanie Donaldson Freshman  
    Kelli Muma Eighth Grade  
    Renee Pratt Seventh Grade  
    Pom Pon    
    Alex Hayward Varstiy Head Coach
    Boys' Basketball    
    Josh Pahl Varsity Head Coach
    Troy Gary Junior Varsity  
    Tony Wetmore Freshman  
    Joe Cote' Eighth Grade  
    Mike Verellen Seventh Grade  
    Girls' Basketball    
    Emily Cote' Varsity Head Coach
    Jill Keefer Junior Varsity  
    Kierstin Hale Eighth Grade  
    Joe Cote' Seventh Grade  
    Buddy Goldsworthy Varsity  Head Coah
    Co-op with Bay City Thunder    
    Boys' Bowling    
    Kent Crawford Varsity  Head Coach
    Girls' Bowling    
    Kent Crawford Varsity Head Coach
    Dan Hagar Assistant  
    Pom Pon    
    Alex Hayward Varsity Head Coach
    Girls' Soccer    
    Jerome Smalley Varsity Head Coach
    Dominic Lake Junior Varsity  
    Art Adamec Varsity Head Coach
    Boys' Track and Field    
    Buddy Goldsworthy Varsity Head Coach
    Eric Morgan Assistant  
      Junior High  
    Girls' Track and Field    
    Kernie Gilliam Varsity  Head Coach
    Vacant Assistant  
    Michelle Aultman Assistant  
    Matt Rayl Junior High  
    Troy Gary Varsity Head Coach
    Dylan DeBoever Junior Varsity  
    Jill Keefer Varsity  Head Coach
    Sue Walker Junior Varsity